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Eight of Wands Tarot Card

Eight of Wands Ttarot CardThe Eight of Wands tarot card has 8 staffs flying in the air and a field and sky in the background.  The staffs form buds and leaves and give a sense of a beginning.  The picture has rolling fields and a blue sky.


The Eight of Wands cards means that you can see a better future and that you will have progress in projects that you have started.  You might not have an outcome that is fast, but you will start sowing seeds and see a sense of purpose and become an achiever.  Tarot meanings sometimes symbolize hope, and this is what this card can do.


When the Eight of Wands is flipped upright then it means things can change.

In Love

In a love reading it can mean that someone will come and sweep you off your feet and that it will be someone you least expect.  It could be someone you haven’t met yet.

In Work

In your work, it could mean that you have accomplished a project, or it is coming to a good end.

In Home

In your home, it could mean that you will have something good happen in your house like an offer will be made.

General Reading

In a normal reading, it could mean that you will see change coming that you have waited for a long time on.


If the Eight of Wand is reversed in a reading it could mean that there is something that you cannot control that you are frustrated about.  If you have been waiting for something for a long time, it could mean that you will have to wait longer.  It can mean that there will be obstacles and fight along the way, but you need to keep moving forward.  If it is in a relationship, it can mean that you are jealous and that you need to step back.

Tarot Reading

Tarot readings can help you to get advice on your life.  It can read into your future and what you are experiencing in your present.  This can help you to figure out the best choices that you can make.  You might meet someone new that can change the aspects of your life.  This can also bring up future predictions that you need to look into or expect so you aren’t surprised.

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