How to Attract Each Zodiac Sign


If you love the thrill of the chase and want to know how to woo each zodiac sign best, then this list is for you. Try these on the sign of your choice or your current obsession to have them fall for you faster. To ensure pleasurable seduction, make sure to consider both the sun and rising signs of the one you are focused on.


Whether a male or female, the Rams like to be in the lead as the God of War leads them. Let them chase you until they are in love with you because they like to win. Flattery is highly effective as they love for your focus to remain on them. However, you must remain a bit hard to get because eagerness will be a turn off for those who enjoy a challenge.


Though called the Bull, Taurus likes to be pampered, get flowers, and feel a tender touch. Ruled by Venus, they respond to allure and love. Woo them with delectable foods, a soft bed, and heart-shaped chocolates for a lusty night filled with love.


Gemini responds to words, think sexting, at its finest. Work through their minds if you wish to have them in bed. Make them laugh, cause them to think, and be willing to have long conversations as you find out everything about one another. Go old school with a sexy love letter to really get the Gemini going.


Intimate conversation and thoughtful actions are necessary to draw out the moon-ruled Crab. Demonstrate how secure you can make them in a relationship. Show romantic intentions with rose petals to your bed that is filled with plush pillows and soft sheets. Their hearts will melt.


Stay focused on the Leo to watch them blossom. Worship them completely and watch as they offer the most intense love-making you could ever imagine. They are royalty with a crown deep down, and if you stoke this royalty, a loyal, generous heart will be yours.


The Virgo is rarely as virginal as the sign suggests. Be caring, genuine, kind, clean, nicely dressed, and lovely smelling to woo a Virgo. Most are fascinated with all things sexual and may inspire some creativity in the bedroom.


To court a Venusian, you better look your best. The Libra is ruled by beauty and the Goddess of Love; your passions must be sincere. Romance the Libra with flowers and high-end gifts. Libra wants to give and get equally in bed, so make sure it is never one-sided.


Scorpios are sexy lovers, but be gentle, sweet, and very sensitive if you wish to woo one. They are tender when it comes to love. Bring flowers and candles that they enjoy, then use intuition in all you say and do around them. They are highly intuitive, so they can read your mind, even the naughty parts.


Bring on the humor and come hither looks for Sagittarius. The Archer loves to be fun and flirty with romps that encourage laughter and high spirits. To seduce them for add a bit of fun that could lead to love.


Treat the Capricorn as highly special, like a diamond of great value. Then, after all the work is done, start wooing slowly with glamourous romance and over the top actions to win their hearts.


Though rumor has it, Aquarius is ice cold; this is far from true. Once turned on, they are intensely passionate. Work through their intellect by intriguing them with your humor and wit. Aquarius adore when others show kindness to animals and people.


Romance these Fish by going the extra mile. This sensitive and perceptive group likes gentle seducing. Start with a simple love note, followed by a tasty meal and massage. Focus on the feet. They will be charmed beyond measure and melt into your loving arms.

Each sign can be charmed with the tips shared above, but also get to know the individual and learn their specific practices to take things to the deepest levels.