How to Use Angel Cards and What They Mean

Angel Cards

Angel cards are cards that the angels have given as messages. Each message is on one of the cards, and there are normally at least 36 cards in one angel pack. The angel cards will have colorful images of the angels, and they can help you have visions and provide guidance in your life.

The cards are there to help you know what the angels want to tell you. They can help you when life is hard and help to guide you in all things. The cards are ways that you can get those messages.

Angel Versus Tarot Cards

The Tarot and the Angel cards are similar, but they are different at the same time. The angel cards do not have a Major or Minor Arcana, and they are easier to accept or kinder than the Tarot cards can be. They can also give you specific dates and help you be positive while uplifting you and not give you caution messages or bad news.

The angel cards are great for people that are anxious in their life and are seeking direction. They can be used by children who want to know more about spiritual things, and even though they are softer, they are very accurate, and can help those that are experiencing troubles. These cards can help you if you don’t know what to do in your life.

Another thing about the Angel cards is that they are easy to use. You can instantly understand them and use them with other things.

One Card Spread

This is a spread that helps you by asking a simple question. Select a card and shuffle the deck. This works best if you ask a yes or no question such as, “Am I on the right relationship path?”

Three Card Spread

This represents the past, present, and future and can help you when you have situations in your life that you need a fast answer for in the moment. It can give you an overview of everything going on.

Five Card Spread

This spread can help you when you have something on your mind that you have to make a decision about. The card on the left influences you, and the right tells you what will happen in the future. The bottom card helps you know why you are asking the question and the top card helps you know the situation. The center card is the main problem you are facing in the situation.

Seven Card Spread

This card spread is an upside-down “V” and can help you know what your mind needs to be to get what you desire. These can be things you will be challenged by and can measure your life with a step-by-step approach.

Week Spread

This is a seven-card spread that works with each day of the week. This doesn’t deal with the long term, but what is coming soon. This can give you a good message and give you comfort, uplifting your mood.

Yearly Spread

Pick these cards and know if you are in a good or bad situation. Then, you can see how your year is going to look. Start at the top and move in a circular fashion, starting with December.

Heart Spread

This is a heart shape and can help you if you have questions about love. Use them to help know the thoughts and feelings of your partner.

Celtic Cross Spread

This spread has 10 cards, and you can use this layout if you need to have guidance. Here is what the cards mean as you draw:

1: Where you are in life now.

2: Challenges.

3: Where you are focused.

4: The insight of your past.

5: Knowing your strengths.

6: Knowing the future.

7: Suggested issues.

8: What you need to know.

9: Fears coming to you.

10: Outcome that might happen.


Angel cards are similar to Tarot cards because they can give you information about which you are currently uncertain. They can help you make good decisions and alleviate fear.

A Tarot card might cause fear and stress, but the milder Angel cards are softer and will only give you positive answers. So, when you have a difficult situation that you are facing, you can use these cards to make decisions and gain power in your life.