People tend to think that being a psychic means that you look at crystal balls or that you are a gypsy who has supernatural powers.  But what if you have psychic powers and you don’t even realize it?

Most people are able to be intuitive and even though they know that they have this gift, many people will not understand how they know things, especially if they are very rational or if they have been influenced by things such as religion, education or science.

There are some ways that you can tell that you might be an intuitive, and here are some sings:


If you are always feeling the emotions of others, you might be intuitive.  This can cause you to be withdrawn from people because their emotions can be too strong.


Highly intuitive people sometimes remember their dreams and have vivid dreams.  Their dreams might be something that interprets what the future holds, or they might be scary dreams.  You can ask that gift to come and not be afraid of it.


If you meet someone and everyone seems to like them, you might have things about them that throw you off.  You might want people to stay away from them and feel a warning that something is off with them.  Nothing is hidden from you that is in that person’s heart.

If you have a soul that allows you to understand things then even if you have an idea to want to like certain people, your gut will tell you not to and you will have a hard time telling your friends that they should have listened to you.


There are different kinds of intuition including clairsentience, claircognizance, clairvoyance and clairaudience.  These different intuitions allow you to hear things, see things, feel things and know things.  Your body will allow you to know and hear things that surprise you.

You won’t know where these things come from, but they come from within.


Do you ever feel that you are in a place where objects are speaking to you?  Do you feel that the trees communicate with you or that you have a piece of jewelry that tells you certain things?  Everything you try might get through to you if you learn to listen and tune in.


Are you the one that is always running into different psychics?  Do they seem to want to give you a lot of attention?  Chances are that you are highly intuitive and that they can se this about you.  You might recognize this, but a psychic can really recognize it and be attracted to you.


In some cultures, people that are highly intuitive are sick and they get sick because they are not following the calling on their life.  In different cultures, someone that is scare of their gifts and they are afraid of being ridiculed or burned for their beliefs.


Someone that is intuitive is sometimes easily addicted to things.  They could be addicted to drinking, to coffee, alcohol or even drugs.  They might also have other addictive behaviors.

Connection with Nature

When you are in nature, you might feel that you have the best ideas.  Walking through the woods and getting new ideas is a big sign of being intuitive.


If you are intuitive and you aren’t really sure of it, see if the universe talks to you.  This type of feeling can leave you shocked and can grab your attention.

Being an intuition is a gift that never leaves you.  Even though people give up on you, an intuitive can never give up the powers inside of them.  These powers can bring happiness, love and health and by practicing them, they can only get stronger.

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