Making the Tarot Work For You

tarot 1When we consider Tarot cards, pictures of tramps, spells, spirits and precious stone balls ring a bell. While Tarot readings have an awesome history, the cards themselves just have power in the event that you put your faith in them. A few individuals use Tarot cards each day with a specific end goal to get the messages for the day while others place incredible significance in Tarot cards as aides for their life way. Perusing Tarot can turn out to be a significant leisure activity!

Have you always wanted to learn how to read the Tarot in order to discover what you past, present and future really mean? While Tarot readings are best performed by professionals, you can still learn how to use the Tarot to answer your everyday questions. Here’s how:

Getting Started

You’ll need your own Tarot deck. If you’re tempted to borrow someone else’s, don’t. This is because the Tarot deck holds the personal energy of the person who uses it and you don’t want to confuse or mix energies when you are trying to do a personal Tarot reading. When your first purchase your deck, wrap it in a cloth and place them in a box when not in use. You can store them close to your body for a week to absorb your energy. I suggest placing the box you store them in under your pillow.

Asking Questions and Discovering Yourself

tarot 3Now it’s time for you to start reading your own Tarot cards! Make sure you are in a quiet space away from all distractions of any kind. Concentrate on the questions you want answers to and put all of your energy into your thoughts. Think about your questions and concerns as you shuffle your Tarot cards.

Shuffle the deck as many times as you like. If you are reading Tarot cards for someone else, ask them to ask their question while you are shuffling the cards and ask them to pick their cards from the shuffled deck.

Depending on how many messages you want or need for that specific day, (some days require more support) randomly choose a card or cards from the deck. Some people choose to use formations such as three cards representing the past, present and future. Many people choose a simple spread of cards which is four in a diamond shape format. When you have chosen your cards, put the rest of the deck to the side.

Reading Your Cards

tarot 2Now that you have your cards in front of you, you can start reading their meanings and see how they affect your past, present and future thoughts and feelings. If any of your chosen card are upside down this means they are negative messages and if your cards are right-side up, they are positive messages. Reversed cards represent blocked energy—a weaker influence of the card’s meaning and also indicates forms of conflict.

Your Tarot card deck most likely came with a handbook with explanations of each card, symbol, etc. Read through each card of yours and see how it relates to your question of the day. You may find guidance through each card and get in touch with your inner spirit on a whole new level. You can do a reading every day to give you a clearer understanding of which path you should take and opportunities that you should be on the look out for.

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