Meaning of Tarot Card: The Nine of Wands

The Nine of WandsIt is that moment to reflect inside oneself and gather one’s strength. This is a sign of The Nine of Wands, a Minor Arcana Tarot card. Always lend a helping hand to those in need, and at the same time, do not let the small problems take the better part of you. Inner peace is essential, and being watchful of any misfortunes that might arise in the near future. Always search for permanent solutions rather than temporary answers since this duration of unpredictability can be overwhelmed with wisdom and patience.

Be ready to encounter pressure at work and take protective initiatives to avoid such situations. Decide on what to speak wisely and always contemplate before uttering anything. Never grant anyone the opportunity to make you feel bad and never react any moment nasty words are uttered. You will be comfortable in your work once you acknowledge your intuition.

The Nine of Wands Tarot card can show us when it’s time for self-love and to reflect on our feelings. This will make us ready for new relationships and challenges that come with it. However, matters of the heart should also be taken slowly. Never settle for less than you deserve in love since there is a possibility of having both respect and love. Those who wait receive good things, which is definitely true with the Nine of Wands.

The Nine of Wands informs us to believe and not to suspect others. Holding onto your beliefs and, at the same time, not being readily available may make you lose an available opportunity.  Be aware of your surroundings and take good care of yourself during this time as poor health is possible. You shouldn’t discriminate or make conclusions during this time as things may not be the way they seem. Do not judge others on matters of relationships just the same way you wouldn’t want to be judged.

The Nine of Wands can take on different meanings depending on position, but it is a symbol of a life for someone who has undergone a number of trials. When it is found upright, it symbolizes great hope, even in the face of extreme obstacles and problems. Some of these problems you encounter may threaten your balance in life, but through sheer determination and strong will, you can survive and come out better on the other side. This card symbolizes overcoming battles, even if there are more trials and tribulations to come. Overcoming the trials will help you reach your goals or have a successful quest. If this card is drawn, find hope and encouragement for what is to come, even if it is a struggle.

The Nine of Wands can also mean that someone has been betrayed and become mistrustful because of the betrayal. This situation may seem hopeless, but outlooks can change if you just keep doing what is needed and what you are supposed to on your journey. Someone or something can come into your life that will change all your previous views. This card may encourage a risky move that will turn out to be surprising.

If the Nine of Wands shows up in the finance position, it may signal trouble in the area of money. While this may not mean financial disaster, it may mean trouble is coming or that you are under pressure. When this card shows up, try to avoid taking money from savings or borrowing from others, instead, find a new source of income like extra shifts or overtime. This is not likely to be a permanent issue and it will end soon, but until that time you must take care.

A reversed Nine of Wands appears for those who are not risk takers. This person may be fearful of long-term moves or commitments. The person will likely be mistrustful and have very strong boundaries, but these boundaries can easily become a prison for that person. You may be fearful of an upcoming obstacle and want to avoid it or run away, but you must stand and face it head on. Remember that a card in the reverse is not set in stone, if you are willing to face the obstacle then you can emerge to new heights and greater things. Do not be consumed with fear, but face it and move forward on your journey.

The Nine of Wands is neither positive or negative, but has different meanings based on position and the information you are trying to elicit. When this card appears, get ready to face some challenges, but know you can withstand whatever comes.

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