Meaning of Tarot Card: The Nine of Wands

The Nine of WandsIt is that moment to reflect inside one’s self and gather’s one’s strength. This is a sign of The Nine of Wands, a minor arcana Tarot card. Always lend a helping hand to those in need and at the same time do not let the small problems take the better part of you. Inner peace is very essential and being watchful of any misfortunes that might arise in the near future. Always search for permanent solutions rather than temporary answers since this duration of unpredictability can be overwhelmed with wisdom and patience.

Be ready to encounter pressure at work and take protective initiatives to avoid such situations. Decide on what to speak wisely and always contemplate before uttering anything. Never grant anyone the opportunity to make you feel bad and never react any moment nasty words are uttered. You will be comfortable in your work once you acknowledge your intuition.

The Nine of Wands Tarot card can show us when it’s time for self-love and reflect on our feelings. This will make us ready for new relationships and challenges that come with it. However, matters of the heart should also be taken slowly and not fast. Never settle for less than you deserve in love since there is a possibility of having both respect and love. It is those who wait who receive good things and this is definitely true with the Nine of Wands.

The Nine of Wands inform us to believe and not to suspect others. Holding onto your beliefs and at the same time not being readily available may make you lose an available opportunity.  Be aware of your surrounding and take good care of yourself during this time as there is a possibility of poor health. You shouldn’t discriminate or make conclusions during this time as things may not be the way they seem to be. Do not judge others on matters relationship just the same way you wouldn’t want to be judged.

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