Oracle Cards Instead of Tarot for Beginners

Oracle Cards

Age does not matter when it comes to picking up a new skill, even one that is mysterious or mystical in nature. Perhaps when you were young you watched a friend fumble with tarot cards, enjoying the reading, but uncertain it was correctly completed. There is a good alternative to tarot cards that may be easier to grasp and lead you into tarot if that is the desire. This set of cards is known as oracle cards. Thought they may sound similar to tarot cards; oracles are a bit different.

Oracle cards are often a bit easier to learn because they are freer flowing when compared to tarot. When it comes to tarot cards, the decks always contain 78 cards that are split into suits, but oracle cards can vary, each deck with their own sets of rules. Decks can have anywhere between 36 and 64 cards or more and most do not have any suits. Cards may have the meaning of each card written on the back for easy readings or they will come with a detailed guidebook to help you learn to read them appropriately. This can be very helpful for beginners.

Since the oracle cards are freer flowing and free wheeling in nature, there are fewer rules. Reading these cards are all about learning to trust your own intuition. For example, the cards may read with phrases like, “you are headed the right direction” or “reconsider.” This information is up to you to apply to your life or the person receiving the reading. When you are choosing your first pack it is best to look at several, especially the artwork. Take time to shuffle different decks and deal them out in several formations. Make sure the cards feel comfortable and like they feel comfortable working with you. There are many to choose from so try several or use different decks at different times as desired.

If you feel ready to get in touch with your intuition, then there are numerous places to find oracle cards. While some are available in shops for you to examine closely and actually touch, online shopping is definitely the most popular option. Etsy is a wonderful place to begin as most sellers will allow you to read the messages on several cards, review the pictures, and gain a deep understanding of the deck. There are also many other online shops that will allow you the same freedom to explore the photos and the messages. Take time choosing your deck to make sure it is one you can learn with over time, then you can expand your collection. Some people even find that having different decks for different types of questions can be helpful, but this is totally up to the user and what they are comfortable with while learning to read.