Past Life Tarot Spread to Help your Life

Tarot Spread

Knowing and understanding the past life is exciting for many people. Some might want to have guidance because of their past life, or others might just want to know what they had been. Some will use the tarot spread to find out about their past life.

Tarot Spread of the Past Life

The past life tarot spread helps you know more about who you are when you go through things in your life. It can help you to be able to face challenges head-on. The previous life will be revealed, and you will see why you have had to go through certain lessons over your lifetime and how things affect who you are today.

Who You Were

The first card in the tarot spread will tell you who you were in the past. It will show you what kind of role you had or what kind of job you took on. This card can show you a personality trait that you had in your past life, and it might help you to understand your attitude.

What You Did

When you learn more about your past life, you will want to know what you did. Looking at this card will help you know what kind of things you did, such as events or some historical lesson or event you participated in. For those that believe in karma, this can be enlightening as to karmic debt or balances due to past events.

Challenges You Worked Through

The third card will be the challenges you faced and worked through in your past life. This can work with the other cards to give you a complete view of what your past life looked like. This card will probably relate to one specific event or moment that happened in your past life. This can be one of the biggest lessons that you learned.

How it Ended

The card that tells you one of the most questioned things about your past life is how the life ended. This can be how you died, or it can be what caused your death. You might discover that you had a tragic end to your life or that you were sick or had specific diseases or ailments. This can help you know if you have an ailment in your present life that carries on from your past life.

Lessons Learned

This next card can help you know the lessons you learned in your life and what to be aware of to make sure mistakes are not repeated. In addition, this card can help you know what you learned and what issues you might still be facing in your present life today.

How These Things Affect You Today

Once you start to discover things, you can see how your past life affects your life today. The last card will tell you what lessons you learned that can affect how you live today. This will usually fit with the other cards you have already drawn, which will help you interpret the different lessons you went through.

There are reasons that your actions and feelings are part of your life, which can be because of your past experiences. This is something that you want to be aware of so that you can proceed on your life path while maintaining the lessons of the past. A past life tarot reading is not for everyone, but can be highly interesting and informative for those who are interested.