Picking a Tarot Deck

Picking a Tarot Deck

Whether you are beginning to do Tarot readings, or you are an expert, picking a deck of Tarot cards can be hard and overwhelming.

There are thousands of different kinds of decks that you can choose from, and some of them are made up of different artwork, energies, symbols, and more.

What do you do to pick your Tarot deck? Where do you begin?

Here are some ways to pick your own Tarot deck:


The best way that you can choose a Tarot deck is by using your intuition. You should connect with the cards that you choose, and they should choose you.

You might have someone that likes one kind of deck, and when you read them, you do not feel that this deck is right for you.

If you have a psychic who thinks you should use a certain deck and you feel that you want to pick a different deck, pick a different deck.

When you go to a shop to buy your deck, you should touch all of the Tarot card decks to figure out which one sends you energy and which one you should pick.

If you are doing an online order, look through the images and see which ones you connect with on the gut level.


Look at the Tarot cards in the deck that you are going to choose and see if you like them.

What is your reaction to the different images? Do you like the colors and the artwork? There are so many decks that many might appeal to you, but you need to figure out which one is really for you.

Look at the cards and get the meanings from them. Which cards do you feel attracted to?

View the different decks and look at as many as possible so that you can pick the right one. Keep in mind that different decks can have wildly different images, so check several shops or sites when possible.


There are some cards that are for more experienced readers than for beginners. Figure out where you are in your reading skills and pick a deck according to your experience.

Connect with the symbols and see if you want to be more challenged or are looking for an abstract deck.

You will be limited by what you see but do not be limited by what you think of a deck. You can own more than one deck, so start with one and then build your collection as your ability and passion grows.

Traditional or Modern

Do you like old-time cards, or do you like ones that look modern? Find the cards that you are attracted to based on images and feel.

Chances are that you will like the new decks and that you will like the image of the decks that are more modern. So pick which ones you like and go with them.

Little White Book

Tarot decks will come with a book that explains the meanings and the artwork behind the tarot deck. In addition, they will give you different kinds of information.

Look at that books and see what the cards mean to the artist and why. The book will come with every deck that you buy and if you buy online, look at the eBook to figure out what the cards mean.

You might want to use your intuition to tell you what the cards mean, which is also okay, but if in doubt then refer to the book. You will not always need the book as you work with your cards, but it is a great way to start.


Different Tarot cards come in different sizes, and you need to pick the right size for you.

There are some giant cards, and these might be fun for a party, but are they good for a personal reading? Figure out what cards fit in your hands the best.

This is important to know when you have to shuffle the cards. Make sure that you can handle them so that you are not clumsy when you handle them.

Using the Cards

What kind of reading do you want to do? How do you want to connect with your client and your cards?

Do you want to have a peaceful reading? Find a peaceful deck. Do you want to look at your inner self? Find cards that help with that aspect.

Look at the different signs and symbols of the cards and practice with them.

There are so many different backgrounds on the cards that you can choose from, and they can help you meet your personal needs.

If you are a professional, figure out what cards fit your energy level.


Most Tarot cards will be thick, and you can use them for years to come. However, some are cheaper and will not last as long.

These cards can rip easily and will not last as long, avoid these when you can. Just as in other areas of life, you get what you pay for as far as quality is concerned.

Buy Your Own Cards

You do not have to have someone give you Tarot cards. You can buy your own. You can purchase a deck that fits your energy, and if someone else buys them for you, you might not know what the energy is because it was not your option.

There is nothing that is wrong with taking these things as a gift if someone does offer them. There are many that believe your first deck must be gifted, but this is truly your choice to make.


Figure out which cards are the best for you, and go out and pick your best set. Use your inborn intuition, abilities, and a bit of common sense to connect with a Tarot deck and make a purchase. If your first deck does not work out, try another. Make sure you are clear and focused when choosing to give yourself the best chance at choosing correctly.

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