Preparing for Your Tarot Reading

Preparing for Your Tarot Reading

If you have ever considered getting a tarot card reading, there are things that you should know. The tarot deck has 78 different cards, and they all have a meaning. You can study the cards that come in the major and the minor arcana and they can give you a clear understanding of what each card means. Once you understand how to do a reading, you will see that you can use your intuition to get the meanings of the cards in front of you.

The cards are there as a tool of divination and they will show up when you need to know something in your life. There is a regular and a reversed meaning to the cards and you can decide if you want to use both or not. You should choose to do the reversal all the time or not to do it ever and not switch it up when it benefits you.

Before you start, make sure that you shuffle the cards. Some people will do a reading by picking a card that represents the Querent. This is the card that is a significator card. The card will be picked depending on the age of the card and the reader, a King for an adult and a Page for a younger person.

Preparing for the Reading

Make sure that you are rested and that you have meditated before you start your reading. It is important that you aren’t tired and that you are able to do the reading with a clear mind. If you have drank too much caffeine, you might want to wait and do the reading at a different time.

Meditate before you begin your reading so that you can clear your mind and focus on the cards. You also need to make sure that your chakras are balanced, and you can do this by doing reiki or other types of energy healing.

Find a place that is comfortable and a place where you won’t be distracted when you start your reading. You can choose to play quiet music or keep the room silent. Always turn off your phone or even leave it in a different room before you start.

Preparing as the Reader

If you are going to be the reader, make sure that you aren’t stressed or anxious. Reflect on the cards before you and know that you might not have the outcome that you were hoping for but do the reading anyways with an open heart.

Write out questions that you want to ask the reader and the questions should not be yes or no questions. Make sure that your questions are open-ended and that you are able to get real answers to the things that you seek.

Look at the questions that you are asking and see what you want to accomplish in your reading. Maybe you need help dealing with your relationship or you might need to deal with problems that are in your heart.

No matter what is going on, look at your life and focus on the particular problem at hand. If you need a new career, take time to figure out what the cards are telling you about your goals and about the jobs that you might want to seek out. Be open to any and all information that you get from the reading.

Even if you don’t get the answers that you were hoping for, know that the universe has your highest self in mind and embrace the answers. If you want to get the best results from your tarot reading, always go into it with an open heart and an open mind.