Psychic Reading or Tarot Reading? Which One is Better?

Psychic Reading or Tarot Reading? Which One is Better?

Whether you prefer a psychic reading or a Tarot reading is just a personal decision. It really depends on your situation to decide which is better.  Both options can provide insight and talk about the energies that surround the different areas of your life.  Both can help to give you harmony and peace, and at the same time, both can have different results on how you get there and what you are dealing with in your life. Below are some of the differences that may be experienced depending on which option you choose for your reading.


It is important to clarify the terms of a psychic. A psychic is a person that uses extrasensory or supernatural abilities to get information for others or themselves.  These people are considered gifted and can use different tools to help you to figure out what is going on in your life.  Tarot cards are a tool that some psychics use on their own or in addition to their readings.  Most mediums have a specialty field or a perception that they are suited for specifically, and they will use tools that help them to give the most accurate and helpful readings.  A psychic might use a tarot card reading if that is what they are good at and use at the time.


For people that are new to this world, tarot readings are psychic readings that use cards that date back to the fifteenth century.  The deck is made up of illustrated cards that are divided into two groups, the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.  The symbols on the deck have different meanings, and a skilled reader can give these meanings and how they are important to your life.  A typical tarot reading will start with you asking a question or stating what your problem is, and the reader will shuffle the deck and deal out the cards.  This is called the spread, and there are different spreads depending on the seer.  Based on how the cards are lain, you will get different insights providing answers to your questions.

Now, this type of reading with tarot cards is about the present or something you are dealing with now.  These answers are usually straightforward since all the information is right there in the cards.  This makes the reading limited to the current situation.  It also means that your results are based on the way that you ask the question.

However, tarot cards make sure that you get specific answers to your questions.  If you are struggling with something, you need a straightforward answer, and a tarot reading can do this for you.

Psychic Reading

A psychic reading is more expansive and can deal with a bigger part of your life or your past.  These readings can deal with the future or the past and are more complex than tarot readings.

This means that you are getting general advice for things in your life that are complicated or hard to understand.  Psychic readings can help you see your life as a whole and guide you in a certain direction, such as traveling, deeper relationships, or can help you with problems.  Psychic readings can ask you to change your lifestyle big time and be a real life-changer.

The downside to a psychic reading is that it is easy to put your feelings and biases in the reading where a tarot reading is basic and straightforward.  Someone that is qualified should be able to separate the emotions and so always pick a good reader.


The difference between the two reading styles are the methods and the results.  Tarot readings don’t require you to have a certain psychic ability.  All the information is in the cards.  Psychic readings are about the ability that you are born with and the spirit forces that guide you.

The reading itself, such as a tarot reading, is more about the cards, and the seeker will get involved in it, and they might have you tap the cards or blow on them so that your energy can get on the cards.

Psychic readings have more to do with reading and energies.  This can be more personal and intimate and can give you a smaller picture.  You might even get something from your previous life or for your future.  Tarot readings give you a solid answer about a specific topic.

Successful Reading Tips

Being successful with readings depends on how you go into it.  Here are some points to help you get the most out of your reading:

  • Have an open mind. Don’t ask narrow-minded questions.
  • Say your questions property and word them correctly.
  • Focus on yourself and what is going on in your life instead of on others.

Now you know the benefits of different readings.  Figure out which is right for you and pick the best method.  You can always consult a good psychic to see which reading is best for you.  Whether you choose a psychic reading or a tarot reading, you will get insight and clarity on what you are trying to find.