Reading the Angel Cards

Reading the Angel CardsAngel cards are information given right from the angels and they are used to motivate people and to give them inspiration.  There are more than 36 to 100 different cards in a pack and most of them have pictures of angels.

These are not as scary as tarot cards because they can be used without having to be trained in the cards.  Most packs have a booklet to give you information about what the cards mean and how to use them.

The cards can have inspirations or messages on the packs so that they can uplift you and give you positive meanings.  They can be for people of all ages and are safe for children to use.  Even children as young as 2 can use these.  Some people like to say, “what did the angel tell you today,” and read the cards because they are positive.

Choosing A Pack

Angel cards are found in different bookstores and sometimes you can find a big selection in some shops.  You might choose a pack based on the pictures.  Ask the cards a question and see if they speak to you.  Don’t worry if you don’t feel that the cards are personal to you, the images can give you an idea on how the cards work.
Don’t worry if you buy cards and don’t really like them.  You can also build your collection and get different cards.  Ask people to give them to you for gifts and you will find a pack that you love.

Storing Them

You can store your cards anywhere such as a basket or boxes.  You can buy special card bags to keep them safe or use a wooden box that is decorated to hold them.  Some packs are glittery and have wings so you might want to show these packs off.


Once you get your angel cards, you need to look at all of them.  Practice shuffling them and read all of the instructions.  Angel cards work by you drawing a card and using the guidance in your thoughts.  Sue the booklet to figure out the messages and look at the picture for explanations.

Reading the Cards

If you go to a psychic, you will see the reader sets their cards out a certain way on the table.  You can do this or there are other ways.

Some will cover their table with a nice tablecloth or a pretty fabric.  Some might add crystals to the reading table so that it will look nice or add stones that are tumbled.  Fresh flowers can be added to the table to give it a bright look and figurines can also be added to represent your guides.  You can use your favorite animal or any material such as wood or glass figures.

A candle can be used to brighten the table and you can add a scent by using incense.  If you want a natural candle, you can add oil to the table to give it a nice scent.

Once you have your display ready, you can add the cards on the table.  Add as many packs as you want.  You can also put a dish out with more cards if you want to.

The Cards

When people read the cards, they like to open them up first and stacking them in piles.  You can do a ritual if you want like saying a prayer before you start.  If you need healing, you can add a Reiki to your pack, or use crystals.

Using clear quarts increases the energy and rose quartz can be used when reading about relationships.  Amethyst is a good stone that can make the reading better.  You will want to ask the angels to help you.


You need to mix the cards up and put the cards on the table in front of you.  Use your palms to shuffle the cards and select cards from the pack, taking half the pack and putting it from the front to the back.  You can do whatever feels right for you.

Select a card and then read the message.  Try to figure out what the message means when you read it.  If you are doing your own reading, look at the patterns on the table.  You can select a meaning for each card and read them when you turn them over one at a time.

A three-card past, present and future reading is when the row is moving away form you.  The card closest to you is the present card and the one further away is the future.  Read the cards that represents the past and then read the one that is in the middle.  Finally, read the future card furthest away from you.

Two cards can be a reading everyday and you can place two cards down on the table face down.  Ask a question and pull up the bottom card first to get the answer.

Using four cards can be a general reading.  Lay the cards out left to right and the first represents love, the second family, the third your job and the fourth money.  Ask questions or turn the card over to see the meaning and follow your instincts.

Keep the dish of cards on the table so you can look at a single card each time you go by it.  If you are reading for someone else, ask them what the card means to them.

Record your readings in a journal and remember the date and time and always add notes following up.

At the end of the readings, remember to thank your angels and make sure you blow out your candles.  You can pack away your reading table or leave it out.  You might want to add it to your display but make sure you do not get sloppy or let it get dusty.

The cards can be hard to use at first but there is no real way tot do it.  If you have good intentions and you want to look at the cards, you cannot go wrong.  Use the instructions to help you have ideas on the best way to use the cards.  You need to always use them to give you enjoyment and peace.

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