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Reverse Tarot Card Can Do You Good

 I grew up with psychics and cards everywhere… Grandma would sit in the tea room smoking like a chimney. She sat at a coffee table, and at the opposite end was someone else, usually a stranger who had read Grandma’s newspaper ad or heard about her from a friend.  

Many came for several days in a row, terrified their prediction would not come true, or their lover would not come back. The symbols on the drawn cards would reflect where the customers were headed regarding their questions, and Grandma merely read the card meaning or the person’s energy and gave them the answer using the highest road possible.

The Two Most Common Types of Readings:

Grandma basically did two types of readings. First, the predictive reading was any question that asked for a specific answer—i.e., when will I find a better job?

Then there was the consultative reading. This was usually a discussion that involved a certain scenario requiring a “how-to” answer. The usual suspect went as follows: “So-and-so had an affair. Now I want a divorce, and they don’t. What’s the best way through this?” And the recourse was to use the cards for insight and to get the customer back to feeling connected to their Higher Self.

The Third Type of Reading

There was a third type of reading I saw Grandma do that was very similar to what is presently popular regarding focus boards and affirmations.

Granny would draw the cards that represented what she wanted to see next or cards that represented how she wanted a given situation to change. Then she would focus on these cards like a map or a picture of a loved one. For example, suppose you had a speech to give and were terrified of public speaking; whenever you spoke in public, the sense of power and boldness drained right out the bottom of your feet. This tyoe of reading is what you could do to remedy that: during your morning and evening meditation time, or time of collecting your thoughts, you would focus on a card that represented power and boldness: your feeling, owning your own power and boldness. The Two of Clubs in a regular deck of playing cards is a perfect symbol of power and boldness, having the world in your palm; in the Rider Waite Tarot, this is the Two of Wands. Carrying the card with you, focusing on the card as much as possible before the speech, and as a build-up to the speech, will change your focus and thus change you.

We get what we focus upon, especially when we focus with intention. Don’t believe me? Okay. Why do physics experiments need to be done at double and triple-blind levels? The observers will see what they’re looking for if not for the controls. By using intention and focusing on the qualities we want to see at an event, we can load our field of experience with attributes we want before we get there. Have you ever noticed when you first fall in love, the whole world smiles upon you, every stranger is friendly, and every song sounds written just for you? Every religion talks about the Golden Rule: you get back what you put out. In other words, we experience a copy of the signal we are offering.  Change your signal, change your experience—attitudinal steering at its finest.

What to Use

I recommend using a standard playing card deck or a Tarot deck. Both decks are readily available, and the symbols are universal. The cards are somewhat inconspicuous, so that you can take them just about anywhere. Not sure what card to focus upon to improve a certain situation? You can remedy that by researching card attributions at the library or on the Internet. Better yet, ask a Tarot reader which card represents the outcome you are looking for and then inundate your consciousness with that card. This inundation will change the signal you are offering and change the experience. The change is attitudinal, from within you.

The card is not magic—you are! We are the vibrational scriptwriters of our experience, individually and en masse. Every person, thing, and situation we encounter and love along the way is loyally playing the part we’ve assigned them with our attitude and beliefs about them.

Some Attributions That Might Help

Here are some cards and attributions to focus on that might help. You can start today by digging out that pack of playing cards in the desk and learning the associations of each:

  • Nine of Diamonds (Nine of Pentacles): Gratitude, luxury, self-sufficiency, culmination. Praise for a job well done.
  • Two of Hearts (Two of Cups): Communicating with ease, bonding, expressed emotions, partnerships, emotion, and unified love.
  • Ace of Spades (Ace of Swords): Raw power, authority, clarity, a breakthrough, courage, and ambition.
  • Six of Clubs (Six of Wands): Triumph, acclaim, pride, having your day in the sun. Success! Celebrity, being recognized.

Tarot decks will give you more choices to pick from; in most cases, 78 cards to pick from versus 52 in a deck of playing cards. Not sure which card is best for your situation? Call a Tarot reader and get a quick, thorough answer.

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