Soulmate Connection

Soulmate Connection

Our bodies are surrounded by ectoplasm which is a fluid that we can feel if we hold our hands apart for a period of time.  The ectoplasm is something that has properties and can allow us to connect to ourselves.  We can reach our higher self if we learn to connect to timeless areas and we can learn to connect with something from another time that was never lost.

There are times when children will reject things and will paint things that are amazing.  Even children that are young and that are under the age of five sometimes can cook a full gourmet meal that even has sides.  These children are talented, and they get their talent from their past lives.

This also happens when we learn to recognize our connection to other people.  We can feel the vibration of them through our soul and we can learn even more about who we are and what our creation is meant to be.  These are things that we learn from our soul family which can be teachers, kids, friends, family or even pets.

There are people that are there to help us on our journey and to educate us and to move us closer to who we are meant to be, and these people are our soulmates.


A soulmate is someone that is there to teach us either physically or spiritually.  They are our destiny and they were created to walk with us and to know us and to combine our energies together to make us better.

You can recognize the energy of your soulmate and you can even learn to be open to meeting them in strange places that you never expected to meet someone.

When you meet this soulmate, it will cause your world to feel different.  The two of you will be connected through the universe and it will be a creation that only two of you can understand.  This can be from a past life connection that is making its way back here and it can be a hundred or more years old and can be through many different lifetimes that you have experienced.

When you meet a soulmate, you will know it right away.  There will be an attraction that is so strong that you feel even the smallest things.  You will have them in your everyday space and time and energy will fall away leaving you standing there surprised at your connection.

This connection will have strong energy and it can be stronger for you than for them or stronger for them than for you but it is a time where you will be inseparable and you will want to spend all of your time with them.

You will want to love them and not to change them and they will not want to change you.  This will be beautiful and overwhelming in your life and it can be a time that is wonderful for you.


Your soulmate will be your teacher.  They will share your energy and lift you up.  They will teach you to love and to forgive.  They will allow you to forgive yourself of things from the past.  Chances are this person will break your heart and you will love them like no other.

They will annoy you and cause you to have pain, but they will be there to teach you a lesson.  They will be part of your journey and will come into your life to bring you love and to help you to understand your life and the situations that you are going through.  They might be a teacher or a lover or even a child, but they will be someone that entangles you in their life and someone that will be a mission for you.

You will learn from this person and enjoy their life so make sure that you understand them and that you will love them throughout your whole life even into eternity.

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