Soulmate Energy

Soulmate Energy

Soulmate connections can happen in many different lifetimes and each time you go through reincarnation you will have a new soulmate or might even meet the same one.

You will learn to recognize your soulmate energy and you will know what you are feeling.


You can feel how your aura is interacting with your soulmate and when they are close to you, chances are your aura will have a different vibration.

You will not be bothered buy it, but it might cause you to have your hair stand on end. When you are with someone that you want to be around, it will cause you to have good feelings and you will absorb their feelings as well.

How Does it Feel?

The soulmate energy is strong, and it is easy to identify. If you do not feel it, you probably are not really with a soulmate because their energy is strong and intense.

It can be an emotional experience and it will be very familiar to you such as having a childhood memory. You will not be able to put your finger on it, but you will know that it has been there a long time.

Another thing about soulmate energy is that you will be at peace with it. You will know that there is harmony and you will feel the energy that is only there when you are with your soulmate.

Physical Symptoms

There will be different things that your body feels when you are with your soulmate such as buzzing in your body such as at your heart or head

  • your heart will race
  • you might feel like you are not breathing well
  • you will have a warm sensation
  • your hair might stand on its end
  • you might feel flushed.

There are symptoms that can be there when your soulmate is around you. This energy usually flows close to the heart chakra or the crown chakra because that is where the connection is.


Your soulmate energy will cause you to change who you are. You will have their energy and it will help you to have spiritual growth and to feel connected with things such as nature and the universe.

You will have a change in your heart that makes you more caring and kinder and you will see that these are good changes to have. These will help to bring spiritual growth to your mind and body and will help you to meet the challenges that life brings you.

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