Tarot Cards: Casting vs Reading

tarot 1To comprehend a bit of the distinction, it’s useful to see a few nuts and bolts about the historical backdrop of Tarot. Throwing Tarot is intended to implement your will or support a sign of a craved result. Reading is basically that, reading the present state/occasion ‘as may be’. Understanding this distinction sways the sort of spread, as well as the style of elucidation. Seeing regularly originates from gaining from our past, so we should recap that quickly.

The origins of Tarot dim around the 1300th century, meaning the influx of using papercards to represent the tarot concept began then. Yet, the origins of the concept or game itself is said to have come from a similar game in China, where the carvings were placed on bone or wooden blocks (similar to scrabble games today) and the cards were played in a game similar to rummy. The use of paper instead of wood or bone was important for two reasons.

First, this is the first known documentation of the ‘gypsies game of chance’ being brought into the western world from the orient. The roaming peoples of the 1200-1300’s brought the game to Europe. It was popular among the working classes (especially in Italy) and prompted their printing on decks of cards. Similar to the ones used for poker games today. Yet the nobility had a different set of cards, these cards contained a fifth suit, the major cards. This fifth suit is very special, as it’s the meticulous calculation of the element of chance found in the standard deck of cards. Ask any professional gambler, they will tell you that each deck of cards contains an element of chance.

One Duke in particular had also noticed this ‘fifth element’ The first deck of cards we know of with an extra trump suit was commissioned by Duke Filippo Maria Visconti of Milan no later than 1425. He asked his secretary, the humanist scholar and astrologer Maurizio da Tortona, to devise an allegorical card game based on Virtues and Temptations. The deck had four suits, with four extra trump cards depicting classical gods in each suit. These trumps acted as a virtual fifth suit.

tarot 3The second reason printing to paper was important, was because it allowed for several of the noble families to be able to afford them, AND receive their commissioned piece withing a few months or a year. With bone & wooden blocks of China, the nobility would commission sets that would be delivered in their old age or to their children. This allowed for more nobility to have personal sets. A few powerful houses of Italy loosely formed what might be called a coven by outsiders looking in and backwards through time.

Duke Visconti had noted what many of the working class folks in Italy already knew. The gypsies were aware of and – it was suspected – able to manipulate that ‘element of chance’ to alter fates and outcomes. The Duke felt by his creation of the fifth suit, that the ‘element of chance’ could be harnessed even further than the gypsies had done before. When using Tarot in this manner, one is casting Tarot. The card will reveal paths to obtain or manifest goals – by showing the client when & how to take advantage of those elements of luck/magic and ensure the desired outcome. When you ask the Tarot, “What should I do?” this is casting and the Tarot will show you the best possible path for you at that time – but it will come with conditional blessings & warnings that are inherent to the meaning of the cards revealed. When you ask, “Will our relationship work out?” again you are casting The tarot will only be as ‘accurate’ as you are in following the warnings & blessings needed to bring about your desired outcome.

Well then, what is a general reading? A reading is just that, looking for hidden insights. “Is there anything I need to be aware of as I reach my goals?” This is a reading. It’s a scan for any speed bumps or detours that might be ahead for you on the road of life. “What is he thinking, how does he feel about me?” A reading. Tarot helps you peek into those blindspots we have by reflecting the answers back to us from our subconscious. These types of Tarot divinations are the most accurate. They are not reliant upon the client doing or responding in any way to the warnings & blessings of the spread. Therefore, the acceptable accuracy (client satisfaction) is very high.

With casting Tarot, the ‘accuracy’ (again, client satisfaction) is lower. More often than not, the client didn’t or couldn’t take advantage of necessary blessings or sidestep the necessary warnings of the message. This of course, affect the outcome and very often, the clients manifestation or goal isn’t obtained.

tarot 2To improve accuracy of casting Tarot take notes! Listen carefully and ask questions. After the consultation, reflect on the answers. Keep a loose journal of your progress toward your goal. Are you following the main theme outlined by your casting Tarot? refer to your notes! Are you keeping a look out for the blessings? Have you taken the time to *gather* the blessing? Are you keeping the warnings in mind? Do you avoid or minimize the warning? All this is necessary if you are going to utilize the insights you received. You’ve paid for the metaphysical advantage of a Tarot casting, now it’s up to you to follow the ‘instructions’ to support your efforts in obtaining your goal.

If for some reason, you can’t or won’t, then you must ask yourself, is this the right goal for you? The casting will only predict the probibility and path for best outcome. If you ask me, “will we have a relationship?” and I respond yes, this man is marriage worthy. He’s trustworthy and steadfast with his love. Once A, B & C happen, you will be ‘ripe’ as a couple to marry. The client then responds “But we just met, I don’t even have his phone number…how can this be true?” Well, darling, it’s not true yet. A, B & C must happen before marriage is due to be on the table as an option.

You may be thinking, why then use or ask casting questions. Well, they can tell you a lot. If, as in the above example, A, B and/or C is NOT POSSIBLE, then you know right away, this bio-chemical zing between you & your new friend is just that – a bio-chemical zing. And what is a “zing”? It’s that foundation feeling to love – it’s that butterfly in the tummy feeling. It can be expressed as a summer fling or that zing can continue to sing in your heart and blossom true love. If A, B & C exist. So, if you can only muster A & B, why not enjoy the summer fling, and know and treasure the relationship for what it is, a temporary gift/exchange of love.

Castings are also helpful for those wishing to perform spell work. Casting Tarot before conducting or planning a spell or ritual is helpful in dusting out those blindspots in the metaphysical world. Truth is, both readings and castings are very helpful tools. Yet like any other tool, practice makes it’s use more perfect.

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