Tarot cards that indicate success & achievement

If what you are looking for is success in the near future, there are certain cards you will to focus of during your next tarot reading! They indicate success and achievement.

Although tarot cards readings interpretation can be different, depending on your goals and on what you want to achieve in life, the following cards are known to indicate success.

The Sun: the ultimate success tarot card. If this card appears in your reading, then success is on the way to you. It represents optimism, positivity, abundance, joy and success.

The World: The World card indicates completion, spiritual graduation, and achieving your goal successfully.  Next to the Sun, this is the other top card to indicates success.

The Chariot card: It indicate victory, but be careful of any distractions if you are looking for success. Chariot represents a journey ahead, it can also represent a triumph, which make it another favorable success card.  This card can represent moving towards the finish line, and victory ahead.

The Emperor card: It signifies success in your career and your life’s financial aspects.

Six of Wands: It is stepping into winning and success. This card represents “crowning achievement”.  It’s success after battle and the rewards for a well done job.

Ten of Cups: This card represents success in love and relationships, the Ten of Cups is a very good sign for finding your dream partner, having a family and gaining the highest love and harmony within your relationships.

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