Tarot Cards: What can Landscapes Tell You?

A psychic-led Tarot card reading pulls messages from the wide array of symbolism represented on the cards in your spread. You will find meaning in things trivial and magickal alike. It’s easy to become hyper-focused on the esoteric imagery on tarot cards, but there’s so much more to learn. You can really only perceive the complete message when you interpret the entire card, background imagery included.

An experienced psychic is knowledgeable and thorough when interpreting the range of symbology on the cards. Like regular playing cards, there are 4 suits in a tarot deck: cups, swords, coins, and wands. Each suit corresponds to one of the 4 basic elements of earth, air, fire, and water, so there is already a great deal of symbolism at play. But the cards often have a whole scene depicted. There may be mountains or a flowing river. This scenery matters just as much as the suit.

A River

Water is the element of emotion, and within that context, rivers are special. Rivers represent how we are navigating through our emotions in a given situation. We may be struggling with mixed feelings like a turbulent river, or settled and at peace like a still lake.

A City or Town

Maybe your tarot card features a lot of people. These represent the many people in your life. There is insight into the perspective of your personal community on cards that feature town life. This helps you know who to turn to for help, and perhaps, who to avoid.

The Mountains

When you see a mountain, a first thought is usually about the challenge it would be to get over it. Mountains represent obstacles. It could be challenges you’ve already faced or ones yet to come, but they are an integral part of your journey. Your psychic advisor can interpret information based on the distance to the mountain, and even how many peaks it has.

The Ocean

The ocean is still one of Earth’s greatest mysteries. There is so much about it that we still don’t know. On tarot cards, oceans serve to remind us of the unknown. These are factors that are not clear to you yet, but they are relevant to your path. Do not fear the unknown, but be aware of its presence.

A Farm

You reap what you sow, as they say. A farm or field reflects your efforts and what you have planted in your own life. Cards with this imagery tell you about the harvest you will glean from your efforts. Hopefully you see lush, green fields full of growth and a healthy harvest. Keep in mind that growth takes time. You will have to be patient to see the effects of your work.

Many tarot books will only tell you about the suit and numerology of each card in a tarot deck. That is only half of the story. The elaborate artwork on tarot cards has meaning too. Do not dismiss the complete message.

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