The Phases of the Moon Tarot Card

Moon Tarot Card

The moon has many phases, and it also is known for its many phases in the tarot deck. This is sometimes called the Illusion or the La Luna card. This card has many different layers and explanations.

When you look at the card, you can see the sun and the moon in the same image. The bottom part of the card has two dogs, and one looks nice while the other looks angry. This can mean that there is a duality between the sun and the moon. This can mean internal conflict within someone. Under the dogs is a crayfish that is trying to get to land. This can show that you have insecurities about your life.

Using the Moon Card Upright

If you use the moon card upright, then it can mean that you are going through a time where you are vulnerable to life. You want to grow but you aren’t sure how. This can mean that you have problems happening that you don’t want the world to know.

You might feel that your partner is someone that you should be concerned about or someone that isn’t satisfying your needs. You need to find out the real problem in your relationship.

Using the Moon Card Reversed

The reversed moon can mean that you have something in your life that you are hiding. It can mean that you have an emotional situation going on and that you are not living a life that is helpful to you.

This card can also mean that you are going into repetitive patters and that you will keep having these feelings and behaviors until you meet your own needs. You might be one that has a hard time with your emotions, so you start bad habits and never really stop the real problem.

Final Thoughts

Do you like to have tarot card readings or are you someone that does tarot cards for others? There is no right or wrong way to do a tarot reading and you can start any way that you want. Remember to use your intuition to guide you when you are doing a reading for yourself or for others.

Drawing the moon card can give you information about who you are and what is going on in your life. You can choose to read the cards upright or even in a reversed fashion. Whatever way that you choose, remember that there are many different interpretations to the cards, and you need to go with the one that you believe in the most.

Never give up on your dream to find out more about your past, present and future. Using the tarot cards can help you to understand who you are even more.