The Secret Side of Manifestation

The Secret Side of Manifestation

Your words and thoughts are powerful.  You can attract your deepest desires by focusing your energy.  Simply picturing your wish, you begin to open yourself up to receiving this blessing.  By trusting in this act, the universe will answer.  But what happens when worry, fear and anxiety creep up no matter how hard you try.  This is the hidden side of manifestation.

Currently the world in the throws of the Coronavirus and struggling to make sense of our collective path forward.  Much of how we repair the world’s health, finances, and way of life is in our hands.  Your inner wisdom makes sure you take appropriate precautions and works to maintain a healthy mindset including limited time consuming the news or interacting with negative people.  But how can you make sure you don’t attract anything that isn’t helpful to your life’s journey.

Trust in the universe’s plan.  It’s hard to tell from the surface if a situation is an obstacle or a blessing.  Mindfully take a deep breath and accept the issue is out of your control.  Then take a step forward and know in your heart it will help you get to the right direction.  Along your way you will encounter helpers.  Look to these lifelines to help you pay attention to an action step that you might have otherwise overlooked.  If you are too frantic or overcome with stress you might be unaware of how the Universe is look to help you!  Continue to breathe and work to be level-headed and you will miraculously see a path through the chaos or find a way to weather this storm.

Next use you fear or anxiety to your advantage.  Focus on things outside yourself.  Strive to help the people, places and causes you care most about.  When you approach life from a place of love and kindness, your vibrations will raise and you will share your talents with those most in need.  Be the positive light source the world needs most right now.  It may not be easy, but find the strength and confidence to conquer the doubt.  It will produce a rippling effect of blessings for you and the entire planet.

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