The Tarot Guide to Misunderstood Cards

The Tarot Guide to Misunderstood Cards

Tarot cards are tools that many psychics use to do readings and the cards can help people to be able to look at their life and see what their past, present or future holds in according to the world around them.

The closer people get to Halloween, the more they are enchanted by things such as Tarot cards. These cards can help you to understand your journey and there are tricks that you can use in order to understand the cards. Some people find some of the cards confusing and this is because they are often misunderstood.


There are 22 Major Arcana cards in the Tarot set including:

  • The Magician
  • The Hermit
  • The High Priestess
  • The Empress
  • The Emperor
  • The Hierophant
  • The Lovers
  • The Chariot
  • Strength
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Justice
  • The Hanged Man
  • Death
  • Temperance
  • The Devil
  • The Tower
  • The Star
  • The Moon
  • The Sun
  • Judgement
  • The World
  • The Fool

And there are also 44 cards in the deck, and they have 14 suits. Each of the cards has different pictures and symbols that have to do with history and there are some pictures that are cultural pictures.

Some religions are mentioned in the text of the cards and the pagan faith shows its roots. When you learn about these cards, you will see more about what they mean and why.

Some people believe that these cards help to tell a universal truth and that they share the ideas of every human. These cards are thought to help to tell the future and to show how things come from the past.

The idea of the tarot cards is the idea of people known who they are and learn to know what their soul has to offer. This is a way that you can understand what values you have in your life and to figure out your purpose.

Tarot Reading

One of the easiest kinds of reading is the tarot reading. All you have to do is shuffle the deck and decide what kind of spread you will do. Put three cards down and the left one will be your past, the middle your present and the right one your future.

The card on the left can show you something that has happened to you in the physical, the middle represents the mental and the right hand represents the spiritual. You can select extra cards, and these will be there so you can read all the other cards.

Cards to Watch For

When you look at each card you will figure out different things about the cards. Depending on what kind of reader you are, there can be misunderstandings of certain cards.

There are some cards that you need to pay attention to and even if you see them in a certain way, there are other ways that you can learn to read them and understand them.

You need to develop your understanding of these cards and then you will be able to do a better reading.

Death Card

This card is one of the cards that is mostly misunderstood. People often think that this card means that you will die but the truth is, it just means you will have change in your life.

This card can mean something is ending and something new is beginning. You have to learn to let go of things in your life that are not good for you and open up to change and transformation.

When you are too attached to things it can be negative and cause you to miss out on things in your life. Learn to let go of things and start over.

When the death card is in reversed or upside down it can mean that you are stuck in a place and that you are resisting changes that are needed in your life.

Fool Card

The fool card is another card that is seen as negative. This card is like death and can mean something new. This can also be a card that is misunderstood.

Nothing can happen if the fool did not go on his journey and when you choose a new thing, this can make room for you to grow and to be better.

The fool has the number 0 on the Tarot deck because it is there all through your life and has no real position. This can happen when someone is wise or mad or it can be both.

This card can mean you are going to start a new adventure and that you might want to do something new. This can be a business venture or a new relationship.

The reversed fool can mean that you need to meditate more, and you need to listen to what the spirit world is trying to tell you.


Picking the Lovers card doesn’t mean you are in love or that you are about to get married. This card is two lovers and can mean that you are torn about being in a relationship or that you have an important decision you have to make.

This card can also mean you have harmony in your life and that you want to balance who you are. The fool can mean you need to make a change and the lovers can mean you should consider what options you have before you make a move.

You need to wait for harmony and for healing so that you can have a good life. If this card is reversed, it can mean that you have internal conflict that you have not solved, and you have a hard decision to make in your life.

This can also mean that you have a good love life going on for you.

The Devil Card

This card does not mean that our life is at the end of the line. This card means that you have desires that are carnal and that your emotions are haunted by your desires. This can also mean that you feel that you have lost your power and that you are confused about things happening in your life that you are not in control of.

This card can mean that you feel that your life is out of control and you need to get out of something like a bad relationship. This can also mean that you are struggling with your job and your life.

The Devil card doesn’t mean that you are negative, it can mean that you have different expressions that you need to leave behind instead of letting them hold you back.

The Devil card reversed can mean that you need to get free from something that makes you feel trapped. When you think of the tarot cards it can mean that you are reflecting what you want to be and what you need to do.

The Hanged man

The Hanged Man doesn’t mean you will die, it just means you are going to surrender something in your life. Getting this card can mean that you need to give up on something that you want to be in control of and you need to let yourself do that. Learn to release things in your life that you have hidden.

This could also mean you need to stop judging others and trying to force people to do what you want them to do. This card is about being still and listening to what you need to do. If you are needing to make a decision, sit still for a minute and listen. Make peace with what you need to do.

If this card is reversed, it can mean that you are not letting go of something that needs to be let go of or that you are being selfish. This can also mean that you are hiding something from yourself and that you are in a lesson, but you are having a hard time learning form it.

How Tarots Work

There is no real interpretation in the cards, and they can have a different meaning depending on who is doing the reading or the culture. This can mean change, or it can cause you to ask more questions that you have inside of you.

People who believe in tarot cards believe that the interpretation is important and that it can be successful for them.

Learning to do the tarot cards can help you to know about the human race and to know and understand what is going on in someone’s mind, body, and emotions. You can understand the actions of the world and the way people shape their minds.

Learn to understand who you are and understand what you are searching for. Always seek truth and let complicated things in your life go and let the tarot cards show you what they mean. Listen to your intuition when you are doing the reading and it will guide you on what to say.

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