The Wheel of Fortune

Major Arcana consists of the tenth card which is known as The Wheel of Fortune Tarot which is also the same to the tens of the Minor Arcana. Though the representation of a particular aspect of life is seen in the tens, major life cycles and changes to just about every aspect of one’s life is represented by the Wheel of Fortune. The impact of this card can be felt if one acknowledges its efforts such as changing professions from one to another and moving a packed up home from one point to another.

That is the representation of the Wheel of Fortune.  what one needs to essentially consider and face before progressing into a new path or just continuing with the path he or she was moving in.

It is difficult to explain all the aspects represented in the Major Arcana card. I will, therefore, take the bigger ones into consideration.  Consideration of other people’s concerns and transformation of one’s self are represented in the major life-cycle and change card as well as general interaction with life. It, therefore, means that a person has developed a strong starting point for one’s self.

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