Understanding Tarot Cards

Understanding Tarot Cards

Reading Tarot cards takes a lot of time and dedication to learn, and some of the cards in the deck can cause people to be confused as to what the card really means.

When getting a Tarot reading, a negative card can be read, and it can cause us to be upset.  Sometimes, the card will reveal something negative, and then other cards of sadness or panic will follow.  This can happen to anyone that is getting a reading.

Do not be upset because sometimes these images and the names of the card do not mean something bad will happen or that something negative is coming in our life.  Sometimes, the worst card can mean something good in your past or your future.

Do not get anxious when you do a Tarot reading.  Read below to see how some of the most negative cards are sometimes misunderstood and their real meaning.  This can help to get rid of some of the negative stigma attached to these cards.  This can help you not to be fearful when these specific cards show up on your reading.

Death Card

The death card is something that almost everyone will worry about when they see it.  However, even though most believe that this card is evil or scary, the truth is that it does not necessarily mean that there will be a real death of you or someone that you love.

The death card is a card that represents a change in your life.  Since change can sometimes feel like death, this can be representative of a change that is happening.  This can be a new part of your future that can be exciting or happy.  Do not always take the cards literally and know the meaning behind them. Keep in mind that part of something has to die or go away in order to make room for something new, even if it is not a physical death.

Devil Card

One card that no one wants to see is the devil card.  Most feel that it is a card that will lead to terror and cause people pain in their lives.  People associate this card with bad things and with Satan.

The Devil card is a card that can mean breaking free from something that you are trapped in.  It can be a sign that you will break free and be able to get rid of the bondage that has held you down.  This can also mean that you will find something that makes you feel more alive. This is more of a sign it is time to break out of something more than being afraid.

Fool Card

The fool card is something that tells you that you will be unable to defend yourself or that you are an idiot or that is what most people believe.  This is not true, however, and the card does not tell you that you are a fool or that you are making bad decisions.

The card really can tell you that you are having fun in your life at present.  It can show that you are making spontaneous choices and that you are living life to the fullest.  This can show that you can reap good things when you take chances. This card is not one to be feraed or thought a joke, but a sign you are enjoying life.

Hermit Card

When you feel lonely, the hermit card is one you do not want to see in your reading.  Unfortunately, most believe this means that you will forever be alone and that you will never find love.

The truth is, this card means a time when you are concentrating on making yourself better.  It is a time where you will work to find peace within and that you will find the truth about yourself. Self-care is important in life and many neglect it, take time to focus on yourself with this card so you are ready for what comes next.


Learn to understand what the Tarot cards really mean before leaving a reading upset and feeling sorry for yourself.  When you want to know what the universe has to offer you, let the cards have different meanings in your life, and don’t always choose the one that brings you doom and destruction.  Learning to relax at a Tarot reading can make it more exciting and a good experience for you if you are psychic.