Understanding the Tarot’s temperance Card

It is well known that the Tarot is wise and mysterious. The mystery doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to understand its components.  The temperance card is a symbol of balance and integration.  These things are what we all need to have a whole, healed spirit filled with heavenly serenity.

How do we, a mere humans, gain this serenity?  We get there by examine the elements of our soul.

Tarot’s temperance CardElements:

Earth– This element is your body. It is where you stand both physically and spiritually. This is where you meet your needs. As you examine this think about if you are willing and able to meet your own needs and if you can stand on your own. Ask yourself if you believe in the basic good of everyone.

Water– This is how you feel about yourself. Do you like yourself? Do you think you are worthy of good things? Answer in your heart, not just your mind.  Ask if you are worthy of beauty.

Fire- This is what motivates you.  Do you have an appetite for your life? Do you genuinely do what you crave?  What moves you from day to day? What makes you move? Before you find the fire, you have to feel it inside of you.

Air-  This is your thoughts and your minds. This is the voice that controls you and talks to you. All of the thoughts and all of the images. Anything that your brain produces is controlled by your air element.  

Temperance balances it all out by starting with Earth. Water is next, then Fire. Last and not least is Air.  The temperance card holds it all in balance .  The secret to getting control of your own life is to work the elements in equal amounts.

The card is named Temperance because too much of anything isn’t good. Temperance is balance.

Temperance is connected with Sagittarius. The Sagittarius is known as an optimistic and curious risk taker.  To create balance, this energy should be embraced as a philosophy and confidence.   Experimenting will help you reach your final goal.

Creating a whole love with Temperance

If you are not in a relationship that satisfies you, you can use the elements to ask yourself: Is your relationship easy to stand on? Do you trust your partner? Is security a risk? Then you can  ask: How do you feel about the relationship? How does your partner really feel?   Can you relate to each other?  The next questions are: What makes you stay? What motivates your partner?  Then you can go on to: Are you positive about your relationship? Is your partner as positive as you are?

After you have asked these questions, you can rebuild as long as you start on solid ground. This can also help you build up a new relationship.

How do you get solid ground?

First step- Slow down and take a deep breath.  Close your eyes and picture yourself standing on the ground.  Breathe and meditate until you feel grounded.  Visualizing and meditating on the image of Temperance will help you find your calm and serene side.  Do whatever you need to embrace the energy of this wise and guiding sign.

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