Tarot Spread for Emotional Honesty

Using a Tarot Spread for Emotional Honesty

Have you ever been out of control of your emotions, and you feel that you are tangled in a mess in your life? Do you feel that things change, and you are moving from one direction to another? Do you feel that you are sometimes going down the wrong hill and you change direction but find that you are still going down the wrong path?

People think that life is simple sometimes, but we know that there are things in our life that will help us to make good decisions. We have to just open up and listen to them.

Using a tarot spread or doing a tarot reading can help you to know what kind of decisions you should make. This kind of reading can help you to have a solution to problems that you are facing.

When you feel sad and happy at the same time or you are tired but excited, you can use the tarot cards to help you to move forward in your life and your emotions.

Being Honest

Being honest should be enough but why do we find it so hard to tell the truth sometimes? Even as children, we had a hard time telling the truth sometimes because we were afraid that we would get in trouble.

Some children are afraid to tell the truth because they are afraid of being rejected or put down by other people. Even in the olden times if some people told the truth of what was going on, it could cost them their life.

We have learned to be dependent to the world around us and when we fight against things, we realize that we can stop the system. As adults, we have more freedoms than children did but we still want to be accepted and we want people to love us.

We might say we don’t care what people think about us but that is not true.

Emotional Honesty

When you have love and relationships, you might have a hard time knowing what to do. You might meet someone that has children, and you might want to be with him. When you are, you realize that if you leave them, it will hurt the children. You know that the situation can get intense sometimes and you have to do what is best not just for you but for all involved.

Men and women in this situation can date whoever they want but when they do this, it can change their energy center because they are technically belonging to someone else. As time goes on and these people choose to stay together, they find that it can cause emotional turmoil because it isn’t what they really want.

Laying It Out

There is a tarot spread that you can lay out so that you can learn to focus on what is going on in your emotions. It can help you to speak the truth and to know the truth inside of you.

The five-card tarot spread can help you do this. You must shuffle the cards and put them face down. Then you turn them over one at a time and put them left to right. The fifth card should be up higher.

Reading the Cards

The first card is what you need to do with your emotions:

Magician card means that you are rational, and you have a problem. This means that you need to figure out your situation so that you can solve it.

Card 2

The second card is when you need to go somewhere quiet to let your soul find the answers. There is nature and being alone time that will help you to be rewarded with answers that you are seeking.

Card 3

This will show you what you are weak at. If you are in a stressful career, you will see that your emotions might be harder and might be bothered by what is going on in your life.

Card 4

This card is going to show you what you are afraid of such as not being successful or messing up. This will help you to let go of things holding you back.

As you make a decision, you will see that you can be honest with what you are thinking and feeling, or you can keep trying to hide your feelings. You can learn to let your guidance help you and follow your intuition so that you can move forward in your life.


It is always worth being honest with yourself and with your emotions. Even if this is a painful time in your life, you will see that being honest with yourself is worth it in the end.

Being honest will lead you to a path where you can grow and where you can be honest with yourself and with others. This will help you to know the truth and to realize that you are who you are.

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