Using Oracle Cards for Divination

Oracle Cards

Many people use oracle cards as a tool of divination. These are cards that are similar to tarot cards, but they are not the same. An oracle deck has different prints, and they have cards that don’t go into a certain suit.

Oracle cards are great to use when you are doing tarot reading to make sure that the tarot is right or to have more clarity on the situation.

Using Oracle Cards

Unlike a tarot card deck which has 78 cards, there are different number of cards in the oracle card set. Sometimes there are way less, and you can choose to pull out one card and ask a question. Oracle cards can be used at the same time as tarot cards, or they can be used:

  • Before you get a tarot card reading.
  • To use intentions to the reading.
  • When the reading is happening, and you need more clarification.
  • After the reading and you have your interpretation.

Pulling One Card Each Day

Since the oracle cards aren’t tarot cards, you can choose to just pull one each day. You can ask a question, or you can pull one just to read so that you can learn the cards. Use your intuition to guide you on what the card means and how it affects your life.

Write down what the cards meant to you and see if they help you throughout your day or through your problems.

Doing Oracle Spreads

If you want to do an oracle spread, here is how you can.

Three-Card Oracle Spread

If you need answers to your questions, the most popular oracle card spread is the three-card spread. This can be done when you need to figure out a situation in your life or in someone else’s’ life. This can be done by drawing out three cards. Sometimes this can represent the past, present and future.

If you want to figure out things about your love life here is what it can mean:

  • Card 1: What you need to know about yourself.
  • Card 2: What you need to know about the other person.
  • Card 3: What energies are around you both?

If you are dealing with a decision that you need to make in your life, here are what the oracle cards can tell you:

  • Card 1: What your situation is.
  • Card 2: What option you can choose.
  • Card 3: What will happen if you choose a certain option.

Oracle cards are great because the cards all have a certain meaning. You can use your intuition to get messages that the universe is trying to tell you. The decks are pretty to look at and the pictures on the deck can touch your heart and your spirit.

If you need to find someone to guide you, you can talk to a psychic and find out how an oracle card reading will help you.