Using Tarot and Angel Cards

Using Tarot and Angel Cards

Do you wonder if love is in your future? If you have ever asked that, you are not alone. People are always looking to find true love and they want to know if finding love is something out of their reach or if they can connect with their soulmate.

Many people believe that we have one soulmate, but others think that we have many soulmates in our lives. You will meet people over life that will work hard to be in your life and will really want to be part of your world.

There will be people that come to you in your lifetime that help you to have a better life and a better future. If you are looking for a soulmate, one thing you need to know is if you are ready and open to love.

Hesitating About Love

Some people will hesitate about finding love because they are happy with the life that they have now, and they don’t want to put something in the mix that might get in the way. People want to have pleasure, but they are not always willing to take a risk in love.

Old Flame or New Flame

When you meet someone new, you might have to deal with karmic ties. There are also people that might come to you from out of your past and this can be an obvious connection.

You may have breakups that happen in your life or cause you to feel that your life is broken. Learn to enjoy these memories and do not let them hold you back.

Love as a Dream

People want to find real love and their dream person. There is no perfect person, and everyone is going to make mistakes.

Even though we have an idea of who we want to be with, we have to give the universe some space when it comes to looks and sometimes personality.

Your destiny is to help you reach your higher self and when you find yourself searching for love, it can happen in unexpected ways.

Tarot Cards and Love

You need to make sure that you state your question in a way that you can get answers to your love life. There are many things that can come up in a Tarot reading on love.


The lovers can mean that you are in karmic ties and that you have bonds that are not breakable, and they have been around for years. This is a soulmate card.

Ace of Cups

This is a card that shows you that big love is coming into your life.

Two of Cups

This can mean that love is developing in your life.

Three of Cups

You are sharing your love life with a friend and they are celebrating your life with you.

Ten of Cups

Marriage is coming to you.

Knight of Cups

This person will be a lover to you and is a water sign.

Four of Wands

You will be engaged soon.

Ten of Pentacles

This can be a long-term relationship and you can find security in them.


This means your love is full of love and energy.


You will have a wedding and they are waiting to connect with you.

Court Cards

This is your appearance and your actions of your lover.

Future Love with Tarot Cards

You might wonder if you have a future in love and you can use your tarot cards to help find out what your love life is going to bring you in the future.

Heart Shaped Spread

There is a spread that is heart shaped and it takes 10 cards. The card in the upper left goes downward to the 5 cards at the bottom. 6-10 will go upwards and will spread in the middle.

Card 1

This will help you to know why you haven’t found love yet.

Card 2

This will help you to know what you can do to make your past, present and future better to help you find love.

Card 3

This is a card that will help you to focus on your life and to be open to what the universe has to give you. This is the High Priestess card.

Card 4

This card shows you how you will know your lover. This can be the King of Pentacles card.

Card 5

The card in this spread will show you how you can find your love. Go to parties and put yourself out there.

Card 6

This card can tell you when you will find your love. This can be the sun card and means you will find them when the weather gets warmer.

Card 7

This card will show you what energy you have when you are finding your big love.

Card 8

This card will show you what kind of impression you make. It can be the Magician card.

Card 9

This is a main card and will show you what bond you will make with the person you meet. This can be the Ten of Pentacles card.

Card 10

This will show you what you need to remember when you get into a relationship. If it is the lover card, it can mean you are about to get into a karmic relationship. You will be in your destiny to be with someone to develop who you are and to reach your higher self.

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