Using Tarot to Predict Events

tarot card reading

Most people will get a tarot card reading because they want to know what and when things will happen in the future. The thing about tarot card readings is that they can give you a window as to when the events might manifest and how.

There are different ways that time can be interpreted through tarot card reading. You can look for symbols of seasons, numbers, days, weeks, years, and you can also look at signs that point to the zodiac for more clues.

Sometimes, you can ask a question as to when something might happen, and the tarot cards can give you an answer about a life lesson that you have to become perfect at before anything changes.

Time and Tarot Cards

There are four suits in the minor arcana cards that can represent seasons including:

  • Wands: Spring
  • Swords: Fall
  • Cups: Summer
  • Pentacles: Winter

Tarot Cards and Numerology

The minor arcana cards are numbered from an ace to 10 and these numbers can give you some information on timing. You might ask a question, “When will my ex contact me?” and if you pull the Six of Wands card it can mean that it will happen in 6 days.

The suits can give you more understanding of time and each suit has a different time frame including:

  • Wands: Days
  • Swords: Weeks
  • Cups: Months
  • Pentacles: Years

You should take time to meditate on the cards before you try to understand the clues and the messages that the cards give you.

Astrology and Tarot Cards

There are 12 tarot cards that are part of the major arcana that work with astrology. These cards can indicate things about time based on the zodiac such as:

  • The emperor: Aries
  • The Hierophant: Taurus
  • The Lovers: Gemini
  • The Chariot: Cancer
  • The Strength: Leo
  • The Hermit: Virgo
  • Justice: Libra
  • Death: Scorpio
  • Temperance: Sagittarius
  • The Devil: Capricorn
  • The Star: Aquarius
  • The Moon: Pisces

Tarot Cards and Symbols

You can figure out times when you ask questions such as, “At what time will I meet my soulmate?” And then you take a look at the cards to tell you lessons that you need to perfect before you are ever going to see this happen.

The Eight of Cups card, for example, can mean that you have to let go of past problems and relationships and stop expecting things to come back.

You can look at the tarot cards in reverse and this can be challenges and blockages that are stopping you from getting what you want. There might be changes and lessons that you need to go through before you manifest things in your life.

When looking at the tarot cards, you need to listen to your intuition when you pull a card. This will be the way that you can get the truest reading. Meditate on what the pictures are on the card and try to figure out if you need to have more guidance on the symbols. Write down your cards and what you think that they mean in a journal.

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