WAYS OF CHOOSING THE BEST TAROT OR ORACLE CARDSTarot and oracle cards are everywhere at the moment. You may have decided to buy for your own use because you definitely would like to be your own fortune teller, you’ll be aware of the fact that a number of options are very overwhelming.

Desiree Lanz. a Los Angeles based intuitive reader, channeler and medium said, “our intuitions will lead us to themes and imagery that we resonate with, feel emotionally connected to and can benefit from,”

Picking a deck based on your instincts is the best thing to do because that is the whole point why there are tarot and oracle card decks. They are designed to help you understand your inner knowing. Lanz continues to states that “the more tools we have to receive intuitive information, the more assistance, signs, and messages we can pick on.”

The idea is for the intuition to guide you towards a decision making process. And to help you make that vocabulary rich. Lanz suggests that a library be built for each distinct cards since each has a different thing to offer.

To begin, I requested Lanz to tell me the difference between the different categories of card decks and guide on how to use either. However, let me warn you that the two are kind of sneakers. Begin planning your storage solutions at the moment since it’s easy to reach hoarder status.

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