Ways to Avoid Emotional Burnout

Ways to Avoid Emotional Burnout

Being a lightworker means that you are probably an empath. This can mean that you will feel the emotions of others to the point where it can cause you to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. Since you are dealing with everyday things in your own life and then you have to deal with the everyday things of everyone else, chances are this can cause you to lack energy and to sometimes feel angry or the need to isolate.

The things that happen in the world become part of your soul and they become your feelings, and this can be hard for some lightworkers and empaths. When you have to experience things such as depression, anxiety, or sickness, it can cause you to become upset and withdrawn.

You are able to work through these feeling and be stronger. You are a strong person and you can spend some time bringing energy back to your soul. This can help you to be balanced and to be strong. Doing this only takes a few minutes each day and if you can commit to doing this, you will see that it can help you to cope with things in everyday life.

Set Boundaries

Everyone has to have boundaries and being a lightworker or empath means you need to have even more boundaries. You have to learn to be able to say no to people and know that you cannot always help everyone.

You have to put your energy into things in your own life and be careful about your own feelings. Even though you will care for others, you need to care most about yourself or you will become burnt out and will get to the point where you cannot handle life.

An empath or a lightworker can make you feel that you need to help everyone, but the truth is you have to set expectations that are real and balanced. You cannot help everyone, and you have to figure out what boundaries to have. Write down what your intuition tells you and use these boundaries in all situations.

Check In

One of the best things that can help you is to listen to your intuition. This is where you will learn to set boundaries and where you will connect with the spirit world. You will be able to communicate to your guides about what you need and what you should be doing.

Chances are you have focused too much on certain things and you need to take time to figure out what your soul is saying. You may need to take time to be alone or take a break.

You may find that there were things that you were passionate about that you put on the back burner and now it is time to follow those feelings.  Maybe you need to spend more time walking in nature and getting your own energy back.

Take a few minutes each day and ask your soul what it needs. Ask your guides to help you focus on your heart and to get rid of the brain chatter. Ask your guides to show you what you need to do so that you can be strong and healthy.


When you are a lightworker or an empath, chances are that you are always in the middle of negative energy. This can mean that you are very sensitive and that you are not able to have much peace in your life.

If you are around people that are negative or in situations that are negative, get away from them for a while. Find things that give you happiness and peace. Go for a walk, talk to someone that you love and trust and find a way to laugh. Doing these things can build your energy and help you to be stronger.

Cleanse Your Energies

Chances are you have heard about cleansing your energies and this is very important if you are an empath or a lightworker. You have to remember that with this gift that you are always picking up energies from things around you including people, media, news, areas, workplace and even strangers. You may find that in your energy field is fear or nervousness and you just don’t know why you are feeling like you do.

Find a way to cleanse your energy such as meditating, taking a salt back or going out in nature. When you do this, you can cleanse your energy and see all of your negativity to go away. Doing these things need to be part of your daily routine.

You can ask your angels or your spirit guides to help you to cleanse your energy and this will boost how you feel.

Doing Too Much

Being a lightworker or an empath means that you will want to help everyone you see. There are so many people in the world that this can become overwhelming. You will see that you will have many emotions and depending on the situation, these emotions can get you down.

These things can cause you to be under pressure and can cause you to be stressed or even depressed. It can be hard for you to think about yourself because you have so much to do. You have to learn to reflect on what you need and to do things that you need to do in your life.

You cannot fix everything right now. Everything takes time and you need to slow down. Make a list of things you need to do and finish that list and do not add anything new to it until you are done. Reserve your energy for things you need it for. Learn to declutter your life and see that you can feel better and happier.


If you want to avoid burnout in your life, you can do the things above to help keep you sane and energetic. Remember, being an empath and a lightworker is a gift and your light is powerful. This gift is there to help you reach your higher self and you need to use wisdom on how to take care of yourself so that you can share your light with others.

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