What is an Angel Card Reading?

Sometimes in life, we need help. We just want a little bit of spiritual guidance to confirm that we’re making the right decisions at that moment. There are a variety of ways to receive a message from the spirit realm. Some people use tarot cards, ouija boards, or pendulums to get answers to their deep questions. Another highly-effective but lesser-known option is an angel card reading.

On the surface, an angel card reading may look like a tarot card reading to a layperson, but there are several distinct differences. First of all, you must be focused on a specific question for an angel card reading. Tarot readings, on the other hand, can be very generalized. For an angel card reading, you will need a psychic advisor or medium to communicate with your angels for you. They will connect with the spirits to deliver your much needed answers.

Since an angel card reading involves working with spirits, it is customary to start out with a blessing. You want to make sure you channel positive spiritual entities, and ask them to give you guidance. Be thankful for everything they have done in your favor thus far. An appreciative attitude will encourage them to cooperate with your reading efforts.

This startup ritual will be different for every spiritual advisor depending on their connection with their card deck. This may or may not involve a special card layout. The advisor will do whatever they can to make the best possible connection to the spirits and deliver the most accurate interpretation of their message.

Angel cards are different from tarot cards. The imagery is usually different, featuring angels and other empowering symbols. There are plenty of artistic styles available, so find a deck with artwork you love.

Approach your angel card reading with an open mind, and stay as positive as possible. Limiting yourself to yes or no questions almost defeats the purpose of consulting the angels. Ask open-ended questions and be ready to receive open-ended answers. These are the angels that spend their time protecting you, so stay calm during your session. They mean you no harm.

When you’re looking for a medium to facilitate this reading, find someone who feels trustworthy to you. A strong connection is ideal for best results. Keep in mind that angel card readings are an oracle technique. The answers you get may not be what you expected to hear. It is important that you still get the message that is sent, because it was sent for you.

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