What to Ask During a Tarot Session?

What to Ask During a Tarot Session

A Tarot session can be extremely helpful when you are in need of answers, but if you cannot focus on the right type of question then the reading may not offer the information you desire. Some Tarot readers may find that clients as questions that fall into the “don’t” category. The “don’t” category will be clarified in a bit, but the issue is that oftentimes, newbies come to get readings and have expectations based on movies or television, not actual Tarot. Most times, questions can be rephrased to be appropriate if a bit of compassion and intuition are used by the reader, but other times it can be helpful to share what types of questions can truly be answered. If you are heading to your first experience with a Tarot reader then consider the following when deciding on how to ask for the information you desire.

Open-Ended Questions

It is always possible to ask questions that can be answered simply with yes or no, the Tarot would often rather provide complex answers. Getting a clear yes or no will involve delving deep into the symbolism of the cards to understand the reasoning behind the simple answer. The cards are conversationalists that like to ponder and explain the possibilities. This means that questions like: How can I improve my relationship with… or Can you give me insight into… are the most helpful. You may also want to ask questions about an upcoming transition. By comparison, a don’t question would be “Will I get the job?” but a different way of asking may be, “How can I advance in my career?”


While open ended questions are important, of just as much importance is staying self-focused. It can be tempting to ask questions about others in our Tarot readings because other people are our biggest unknown, but these questions are unproductive and unethical. Asking a Tarot question focused on someone else is an attempt to control things that are uncontrollable and an unhealthy manner of dealing with anxiety. Stay focused on yourself and your life. Keep in mind the Tarot reading is not set in stone, so if we are self-focused, we can also change our path if we do not like the answers received. So, while it can be tempting to ask “Does my crush have feelings for another?” Try asking, “How can I strengthen the bond between myself and my crush.

Focused on the Present

Tarot may have a reputation as fortune telling, but it is most beneficial when used to focus on the present and to some degree, the journey into the future, not what the future will actually look like in your life. When we consider the future, we must also remember that what we do today shapes what will happen in the future. A Tarot reading clarifies our choices and offers an understanding of what we need to make the best choices for our goals. There is no need to focus on the past because it cannot be changed.

Tarot is a tool that offers insight, but we must know how to seek that insight appropriately. Be prepared for your reading by knowing what questions will provide the clearest answers.