What to do Before Reading Tarot Cards

What to do Before Reading Tarot CardsTarot card reading is popular but there is a negative stigma attached to it and sometimes it can look scary and be intimidating.  Tarot cards were often times looked at as scary but now there is a new outlook on the readings, and it is a belief that they can be used to tell the future to someone.

The Tarot cards are used not to tell the future but to help to guide someone to understand their self and their inner wisdom.  The readings help people to understand what they need to do if they are in a certain situation and they can get insight on past, future or even current things going on in their lives.  These things can be revealed to them and they can have an understanding and determine what action they should do next.

There is no right or wrong way to do a reading but there are some tips that can be learned to make the experience better.


Make sure that you get a good deck.  Even try a Rider-Waite deck that is for beginners.  These decks have most o the major and minor arcana and there are 78 cards in these decks.

You can also choose a classic deck or one that you find interesting.


Tarot reading can be hard, or it can come natural to some people.  Practice can help to make the reading easier and can help to understand what the cards are speaking to you.  Choosing a right deck is important and practicing with this deck can help you to be able to hear what it is speaking to you.

You will get used to the readings once you try it everyday and give it your best shot.

Representing You

Choose a card that represents you and then you can use the spread.  Ask the cards questions even in the middle of the reading and see if the card you are pulling are is telling you something that you already know is true.

Tarot readings are not about reading the future so keep that in mind when you pull a card.

Sleep with It

Put a card under your pillow and sleep with it. This can open up your mind and help you to gain energy from the card.  When you wake up in the morning, look at the card and see what it means and what meanings it has.  Is the card connected to elements?

See if the cards give you a sign and see if you are connecting with the card on a different basis.

First Try

Even though you might feel that you are more comfortable with someone you know, do your first reading with someone you aren’t close with.  Pick a person that you don’t know and spread out the cards.

Allow yourself to say whatever you are thinking and read it no matter how crazy it might sound.  Always be confident.


Reading cards can be hard and overwhelming, but you have to make sure that you are having fun while you are learning.

Do this with your friends before you go out and enjoy reading the cards to them and let them know how the evening is going to go.  Let it be fun and easy and let everyone be involved.  If you are right, great!  Let the cards decide what kind of night you are going to have and most of all, enjoy your journey.


Reading cards can be fun to do with others but pull a card for yourself and see what you have going on.  If you are stressed or upset, pull a card to remind you or give you advice.  See if the card makes you feel better or if it causes you discomfort.

Never leave yourself out of the learning process, you can be your best teacher.

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