What You Need to Know About Oracle Cards

Oracle Cards

People love tools of divination, especially those that have psychic giftings. Instead of using tarot cards to tell the future, you can also use oracle cards.

Tarot cards are something that you can look deeply into, and you can use the power of the cards to help you know what you need to know in your life, relationships careers and more. Spirituality will help you to balance your life and will help you to reflect and to know what life has to offer you.

Most people have heard of tarot cards, but have you ever heard of oracle cards? Oracle cards are not nearly as known, and the reason is that they are not used as much. The great thing about oracle cards is that they are easier to interpret than the tarot cards.

No matter what your journey looks like, you can learn more about oracle cards to change your life.

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are similar to tarot cards but are often used with meditation. The reader will use the cards to reflect on life and they will help to show what is going on inside of you. Some believe that the oracle cards can tell the future while others think that they are more about finding out what is going on inside of you and digging deeper.

Tarot cards and oracle cards will both give you the option to look deep into your life and to make better choices.

You can even do your own oracle card reading and you can do this by first meditating and then pulling out a card. This card can tell a story about your life.

Difference Between Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards

Oracle cards and tarot cards are similar, but they are also different. There are unlimited amounts of oracle cards while there are only 78 tarot cards in a deck.

Oracle cards do not have a certain number of cards and that is how the creator of the deck wanted it.

Major or Minor Arcana

Another difference between the tarot and oracle cards is that there is no major or minor arcana in the oracle deck. There are no cards that are specific, and the oracle cards are unique and not as structured as the tarot cards.

Less Structure

The oracle cards are not structured like the tarot cards are and even though they have different meanings, the same card can have different meanings and can be interpreted depending on the reader.

Easier to Ask Questions

Oracle cards are easier to ask questions with. When you are on a journey you might find that life has been hard, and you might have a hard time knowing what kinds of questions to ask. Tarot spreads can ask one question and you can get an answer where the oracle cards can have different questions and can be interpreted differently depending on the question.

Picking the Right Oracle Deck

The way that you can pick an oracle deck is to use your intuition. This should be the same with tarot cards or any other tools of divination. Your intuition will guide you. Find a deck that is structured to what you like.

Some people love the witches deck while others will want to learn about the cards with different writings and drawings.

There are no real rules to the oracle card decks and you need to find one that is personal to you. Pick the ones that catch your eye and entice you.

Finding Oracle Cards

You can look online to find a deck of oracle cards, or you can even look at the Etsy online shop. The artists will make their own decks and will use them for different reasons.

Oracle Spreads

Some people love single spreads while some will enjoy multiple card spreads. As you meditate and look deep inside, figure out what you want to know about the cards and yourself.

Here are some of the best oracle spreads:

Focus of the Day

Find a thing that you want to focus on for the day and draw a card. Do this while you meditate and see what the card tells you.

Ask Now

You can do this spread if you need an answer now. Ask the deck what you need to know right now and then pull a card and get your result.

Ask Now About Your Situation

If you are dealing with something hard in your life, you can ask the card to help you to know what to do in your situation. Listen to what the cards tell you and let your journey go wild.