Connecting with Spirits Through Tarot Cards

Connecting with Spirits Through Tarot Cards

Not all psychics and mediums use tools to help with their gifts or readings, but some tools are popular for psychics, such as tarot cards.

Tarots cards have a lot of interest from the media and different people.  When dealing with tarot cards, you will need to understand how they function and what nature is behind the tool.  When you understand using tarot cards, you can communicate with them much easier.

What are Tarot Cards

Some people believe that the tarot cards were originally a game, but people now use the cards as tools of divination.  There are two different types of cards one is called the major arcana, also known as the trump cards, and the other is the minor arcana, known as pips.

When the pips line up, there are four different suits: a rod, sword, cups, and pentacles.  The major arcana has different pictures, including the Empress, Lover, Wheel of Fortune, and Death.  The cards have different meanings, and when drawn by a psychic, they can be interpreted by the reader, and the interpretations can be different.


Psychic readings do not use tools, but you can set boundaries and know what to expect when you use tarot.  You can put up some type of protection, so you need to protect yourself both physically and mentally.  For example, you need to make a circle or use some charm to protect yourself.

Using tarot cards to communicate can be different than other ways of communicating.  You ask questions and try to get answers but using tarot cards to communicate means that you use up to five different cards and ask yes and no questions.  The spirit will guide you to the right answer.

The reason that people use tarot cards in a reading is so that they can have different answers.  Some psychics do not use tools, while others do.  Using tarot cards can be helpful for people because the readings can be more realistic.

Those who are experienced with tarot cards might want to use them to practice becoming better psychics or mediums.


Remember that when you use tarot cards, you might not get all of the answers right away, but you can feel drawn to specific answers.  So make sure that you ask yes or no questions, and if you are unsure about what answer you received, you can always go to another psychic and get guidance.

Ask the spirit guides to help you do the tarot cards and ask them to give you the answers you are seeking before you lay the deck out.

Remember that practice makes perfect, and if you want to increase your tarot gifts, find a deck that is perfect for you and practice until you get the right answers.  Then, you will know if you are getting the right answers and when you get one, check it to see if it comes to pass.  If it doesn’t, don’t give up and keep practicing.

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