Angel Cards and Tarot Cards: Comparison

Angel Cards and Tarot Cards

You don’t have to be an astrologer or a magician to recognize a deck of tarot cards, those collections of 78 ornately decorated little sheets of cardboard have long been a component of popular culture. Though they’re deeper and far more complex than our culture makes them out to be, Tarot cards have become easily recognizable and quite widely known.

But What about Angel Cards?

Generally speaking, like tarot cards, angel cards are a type of oracle cards. And just like tarot cards, there are different designs on angel cards, and they operate under similar principles.

But angel cards are different from tarot cards because they’re based on angels. So, if you find Tarot cards’ grim reapers, toppling towers, and scary-looking devils to be gruesome, off-putting, or just too exaggeratedly negative, angel cards should suit you quite well.

People often turn to cards to seek wisdom or when they want to gain a better understanding of a situation. Angel cards can deliver this wisdom while staying positive. Tarot cards tend to be negative because negativity simply is part of life. However, Tarot has an amazing ability to divine the future, whether it will be positive, negative, or neutral.

Angel cards are more about the general, overarching lessons found in situations, even the most negative ones. These lessons are higher than the particulars and daily details of situations, giving you insights into the deeper, key life lessons. Angel card readings are not meant to be about what bad things are likely to happen to you. Rather, they’re about discovering how strong your soul can be, especially when it faces adversity.

There aren’t as many cards in a deck of angel cards as in a deck of Tarot cards, though the actual number of angel cards can vary. This smaller deck can be an advantage since you won’t need to learn as many meanings. In addition, Angel cards often have words printed on them, which will help you discern their meanings.

Some experienced Tarot card readers feel like these details make angel cards rigid and prescribed and thus limit their intuition. Tarot card readers prefer to rely on their innate psychic abilities. In contrast, angel card readers claim the cards link them directly to the angels who deliver the information in the readings.

Preparing Angel Cards

To use angel cards, treat them the same way you would treat Tarot cards. First, select a deck that you feel drawn to and that naturally appeals to you. Then, consecrate the cards by meditating while holding them, setting them out in the moonlight, visualizing them showered by golden light, or blessing them with some words of positive intent.

Infuse the cards with your energy by keeping them near you. The easiest way to do this is to store the deck under your pillow when you sleep. You can also keep them near you during the day. Place the cards in a silk pouch to ensure that their energy flows naturally.

Conducting Angel Card Readings

Angel card readings are conducted in almost the same way as Tarot card readings. To begin, shuffle the deck and ask for guidance regarding a specific issue or a simple question. Next, you may either use a spread based on a simple tarot card spread or just pick card after card until you feel like you have enough.

Now consider the cards. The cards have multiple meanings, so you’ll need to request your angels to guide you regarding which meaning applies to your specific situation. As with a Tarot reading, if a card falls or jumps from your deck, you need to take particular note of the meaning of that card. And just as with tarot readings, it’s best not to ask the same questions over and over again.

The more you practice with your cards, the better you will get at reading them. You can even conduct a simple reading as often as once a day. Many professional angel card readers would recommend that you pick a card for each day—just place the cards in a basket and pick one.

To help hone your reading skills, take notes of your readings. Record your emotional reaction to each reading, and write down any insights you received regarding specific cards, especially if your interpretations were different from the meanings commonly ascribed to them. Of course, the cards are yours and yours alone, so you will be most successful if you read them in your own way. But don’t worry—you can’t go wrong when the angels are on your side!

For deeper guidance, arrange an Angel Card reading with a professional psychic. Angel Card readings can even be done online. Simply browse the list of available psychics and click to choose one and obtain a reading. You can also get a reading via telephone, email, and even instant live chat.

After your reading, please rate your reader and, if you have a few moments to spare, please write a review. Your insights can help other people like you who are seeking psychic wisdom.