Angel Cards Versus Tarot Cards

Angel Cards Versus Tarot Cards: Knowing the Difference

Tarot cards require a great deal of experience to read and interpret with any sense of accuracy. Some decks are easier to read than others, but generally speaking, they are much more complex than Angel cards. This is because Angel cards offer detailed word messages for general readings, while Tarot cards offer more in-depth details for a specific situation.

Angel Cards Explained

Angel cards come in many sizes and types but are known collectively as Oracle cards. An Angel card deck has no standard, so the number of cards may vary, with each card having a message and picture. The messages are generally positive, filled with joy, love, and hope.

This is unlike Tarot cards, usually set in format and number with a Major and Minor Arcana in each deck. Angel cards are considered a soft version of divination for loving messages from above. Tarot readers tend to prefer actual Tarot cards with the more brutal and hard-hitting readings provided. However, it is a debate based on preference.

Tarot vs. Angel Readings

When introduced to psychic readings, one may be confused with good reason. As mentioned, though there are some similarities in both Angel and Tarot readings, the differences are just as clear. Both types of readings can help with self-exploration for answers, but the Tarot side is much more structured and tends to follow a structured formula.

Angel card readings are predominantly free form with images and phrases or simply phrases that are much more positive than Tarot counterparts. Tarot cards are both positive and negative with attributes and situations, while Angel cards only provide positive affirmations. Angel cards are a guiding light and never predict a negative scenario, which is nice for easily upset or overly anxious people. This is why some prefer the harmless nature of Angel cards.

Effectively Using Angel Cards

Angel cards are meant to inspire, guide, comfort, and even heal a struggling person, which is why they are composed of phrases or words that are inspirational in nature. It is often less intimidating to learn reading with Angel cards because they do not require the special training of Tarot cards. Since the words offered are guidance, they are appropriate for any age, and designed to bring out positive emotions. Angel cards are sometimes considered a positive introduction to divination for those who are younger and are not aware of the demons that may be present in traditional Tarot-type decks. Angel cards are common in religious circles, whereas Tarot has taken on a reputation of witchcraft and sorcery over time.

As people prepare to read Angel cards, they are often encouraged to pray, not meditate like with Tarot cards. The reading then requires only a question to be asked before a random card is chosen. If it speaks to the question, the message on the chosen card is thought to be a direct sign from the angels.

Certain Angel decks are more in-depth, but the general messages are all basically the same. Some people choose to use Tarot spreads in Angel reading, but the reading can be more monotone in nature rather than uplifting. This also requires more cards overall. However, they are still a simple introduction to card reading. For Tarot readers who pair Angel decks with Tarot cards for extra guidance, difficult situations are often made easier.

Choosing a Deck

Angel cards can be found online, in many book stores, and even in crystal stores, but choosing a pack should be something you do patiently. Before ordering or purchasing a deck, pay attention to the image or images on the cover to see if a connection exists. If you feel the deck offers you a personal connection, then it sheds light on the deck. The more you can connect with a deck, the better the readings, just like with Tarot.

It is also a good idea to do research on the format of the cards, meaning to check whether it is simply words or images with words. You may also wish to check if the deck is a set with a guidebook so you can better understand how to read and the meaning of each card. However, if a guidebook exists, look for a photo and philosophy of the author to see if there is also a connection. Since this is a freeform type of Oracle card, so the interpretation type is based on author choice. If you are in total disagreement with the author, even if you love the deck, the readings will be ineffective. Once all this is decided, look into the actual number of cards because a larger deck offers greater variety in the spread you can do. Some decks may be somewhat based on Tarot cards as well; this can offer the best of both worlds, especially for a new reader.

The most important thing to remember is to keep an open mind when receiving a reading. It may not always be exactly what you want to hear, but it will be what you need the most.

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