Tarot Card Psychic Readings

Peace Through The Power Of Tarot

       Tarot is an ancient tool of divination and it can also be used as a dramatic tool for healing, meditation and shifting deeply engrained patterns. Many years ago, I apprenticed with an amazing Shaman Healer by the name of Hannah. She taught me the deeper meanings of …

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Significance Of A High Priestess

       Do you usually get a high priestess on a tarot reading? Wondering why? The High Priestess, aka the Popess is the second trump card in the Major Arcana of the deck of Tarot. Keywords for this important card are inner wisdom and reflection, intuition, femininity, the moon …

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Get Familiar With Tarot Decks

Tarot Decks

Tarot cards are usually used as a tool for divination to uncover the forces at work in your life. You are probably familiar with some of the images or card names. Tarot cards originally started as a card game that originated in northern Italy and southern France in the 15th …

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The Science Behind Major Arcana Cards

       Do you know that asides from their traditional divinatory interpretations, the Tarot’s Major Arcana cards are an absolute gold mine of psychological insight and wisdom? Psychology pioneer Carl Jung thought so. The belief is that when a card from the Major Arcana appears in a reading it …

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What Does The Devil Card Tells You To Do?

There are plenty of times when we make decisions which are not based on our own highest good. There are many factors that can motivate us. Lust, greed, the desire for immediate gratification – all of these feelings (and more) can lead us down roads where in the end, we …

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What Does It Mean When You Get A Death Card?

     It’s initially scary to get the death card and one of the most common questions in the entire study of the Tarot is, “Does the Death card mean real, physical death?” Yes, Death can mean a person’s “death.” More to the point, the Death card talks about endings …

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Angel Cards: A Guide To Living A Good Life

Angel Cards

Sometimes, we need that extra guidance to ensure that we are walking the right path to life so we won’t stumble in the wrong place. Luckily, there are many ways for you to receive messages about your most pressing questions from the spiritual world. But, even if you are familiar …

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Is the Temperance Card A Bad Sign?

Temperance Tarot Card

In the very modern and fast living lifestyle that we have, it is all too easy to fall victim to a life of imbalance and excess. When the card of Temperance appears in your Tarot spread, it is a sign that you have found, or need to find, a middle …

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What Does A Hanged Man Mean In Tarot?

Does a Hanged Man gave you a bad or negative impression? Well, the Hanged Man features seemingly contradictory imagery. The central image on this card is of a man hanging upside down from a T-shaped tree in what would be a very uncomfortable pose. However, he looks relaxed with his …

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Four Universal Elements And Tarot Cards

Four Universal Elements

Four elements which are Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, were the basis of our universe during the era of ancient philosophy, astrology, and medicine. Throughout the history of the Tarot, each suit evolved to represent one of the classic elements. Tarot suits, the corresponding elements, and the symbolism and characteristics of each …

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